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Concretestaining.com by Neal Nickel specializes in the art of fine concrete staining. Our services are available for all sizes of spaces and are always completed to your satisfaction. Have a look at our gallery, select the perfect color, and discover why nobody’s floors compare.

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Introduction to Concrete Staining

Many are now discovering the advantages of decorative concrete over traditional floor coverings. With new developments, homeowners and builders are making use of innovations in concrete technology to simulate the aged and/or shaded appearance similar to that of stone or masonry.

It offers a chance for the homeowner to make creative choices in color or pattern that simply do not exist for other surfaces. In addition, the color will not chip, crack, or wear off since the acid stain penetrates and colors the concrete surface and substrate. In addition, this system is environmentally sound, provides allergy-resistant, dust-free living space, and is economical.

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